The gang's all here doin' the wave: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Frosted Sprinkles, Raspberry Jelly and Red Velvet
A series of animated GIFs created for Buffalo is Creative, the non-profit behind Creative Mornings/Buffalo. 

These came about when BIC landed Paula's Donuts as their long running breakfast partner. It was a way of celebrating their delicious and fun offerings. All the donut characters are based on actual donuts. Whether those donuts spend their free time on stand up paddle boards, or playing in fallen leaves remains up for debate. :)

All donuts designed and animated in Adobe Animate. 

GIFs are available for use on Giphy. 
Idea for caramel apple leaf pile
Idea for caramel apple leaf pile
How all of the ideas start: really rough sketches. 
Sometimes they never saw the light of day like the unused ideas for tangled holiday lights and powdered donut as snowman. In other cases you can see how a rough turned into Caramel Apple in the leaf pile.
Get Sprinkled! with Frosted Sprinkles
Old Fashioned Hot Coffee Spa
Powdered Sugar Angels with Raspberry Jelly
It's Fall, y'all! with Caramel Apple
Happy Halloween with Chocolate Frosted Cream
High Five! with Red Velvet and Chocolate Glazed
Powdered Donut Unicyclin'
Happy Birthday! with Chocolate Frosted Cream
Ice Skating Cannoli
Stand Up Paddle Boarding Cruller 
Kisses from Red Velvet
Yay! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Kite Flyin' with Chocolate Headlight
Virtual Waves from Cinnamon Swirl
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