Animated profile picture created for when I joined Panimation (, a multi-platform community of equality-driven women, trans and non-binary friends within the animation community.

The challenge for me was that I so rarely use yellow in my work, especially such a bold yellow. It's similar to the yellow of my branding, but that is used so sparingly, it's more of a highlight than a foundational color. I leaned into my styles of flat blocks of color, minimal use of line, anxious characters, and then textural elements, which were new to me at this time.

Because my self portraits are usually from the chest up, I rarely have an opportunity to highlight the Charley Harper tattoo on my arm. With an animated version of my daily stretch-slump, there was a perfect chance to include it.   
Early sketch exploration of initial idea.
Cleaned up sketch, getting closer to the final. 
This cleaned up sketch is what served as the template for the puppet build I built in Flash to animate. I still hadn't worked out how I was going to treat the background elements flanking the Panimation triangle shape. That ended up taking a more organic approach, being done after the character animation was finalized. There I incorporated my love of nature with flora and waterways.
Final Still from Video
Looping GIF
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