Pizza with Pepperoni and Jalapenos (Made weekly)
When we went into lockdown in New York in mid March, I found myself drawing food that I was making. It was very low stakes and it was soothing in how mindless it was. I wasn't concerned with getting it exactly right, but more that it caught the essence of what it was.

At a certain point I started dreaming about food that I couldn't make, whether it's because I can't figure out the right proportions to make my own Mission style burrito, or I haven't had enough practice making really good byrek, and so instead of enjoying those foods I drew them.  
Red Beans and Rice (Made)
Pizza, Deconstructed with Ingredients Used (Made weekly)
Blueberry Crumble Cake (Baked several times)
Gnocchi (In Process: Still perfecting)
New York City Style Chicken Roll (Can't quite get it right)
San Francisco Mission Style Burrito (Forever dreaming of, unless I'm in SF)
Byrek (With Meat: I've learned to leave these to the professionals)
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