Sharkgirl Swimming
An animated series of GIFs created for Buffalo is Creative, the non-profit behind Creative Mornings/Buffalo.

Inspired by the work of Jeremy Fish and his residency at San Francisco City Hall, this series features photographs of the city of Buffalo sourced from local photographers as backgrounds. The animations highlight local landmarks, pieces of public art, symbols associated with Buffalo and local color to celebrate the unique places found only in Buffalo. Everything is animated in Adobe Animate. There's a mix of puppet builds and frame by frame hand drawn animation.

Sharkgirl Swimming acted as the proof of concept for the series: Sharkgirl being my favorite piece of public art in the city. 

You can find the whole series here: 
Beef on Weck Storm
A few process/behind the scenes stages for Beef on Weck Storm:
Rough animation of the top bun, cleaned up animation of the top bun and the bottom bun plus beef bounce.
Almost all of these were animated straight ahead, as I tried to not be too precious about them. Beef on Weck Storm was the only one that wasn't and was instead animated pose to pose.  
Library Galaxy
We partnered with the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library where they hosted our events exclusively for a few years.
This was the only concept that was requested (by the library). As a person who loves libraries and has a particular fondness for libraries located in downtown areas, it captures my true sentiments.
Buffalo Savings Sun
Mural Buzz
Silo Ghosts
Buffalo Nickel
The Electric Tower
Flats vs Drums
I am 100% Team Flats when it comes to wings. Probably because I don't dip in bleu cheese and they are . . . not exactly built for dipping.
East Side Sunflowers
I got to re-use the bee from Mural Buzz for East Side Sunflowers. Because we love Charles Burchfield in Buffalo, I knew that I had to include sunflowers in the series. 
Tug Tug Tugboat
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